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Questionable Autism by Susan Louise Peterson is an excellent guide on autism for parents, educators, counselors and professionals who work around autistic people. Autism is a subject that has been controversial and debatable to a large extent, based on the experiences of people who have interacted with autistic children. This book opens the door to practical concerns regarding autism and real world practices. A lot of things written in the book regarding autism are questionable, but the book is useful to readers to understand more about the topic. It clears many misconceptions about autism that range from diagnosis to treatment, and also tells readers that screening children for autism does not give them a complete assessment regarding autism.

The author speaks about the subject matter extensively and expansively, and puts it forth in a simple and easy manner that is easily comprehended by readers. Parents and teachers become more knowledgeable about the topic after reading this book, which helps them to solve many problems related to autism. The approach to the subject is excellent and the topic is handled well with clarity. The questions to consider are useful ones that help the parent or educator evaluate the child in a detailed manner, giving a broader picture of the child. This book is definitely helpful to all those who work with and around autistic children. Autistic problems and symptoms vary from child to child and this book is helpful when it comes to understanding more about autism.

Questionable Autism

While questioning issues surrounding autism introduced in my first book Is My Child Autistic or Delayed?, I uncover some simple questions in my second book Questionable Autism. Sometimes, a practice in real world schools need to be readjusted or thought through in a different way. A different approach can be used with a child who has autism characteristics that will better meet his or her needs. Yet, at other times a policy change in a school district can be questioned as to how it benefits children with autism. Teachers and professionals working with children in an autism classroom can be tapped for strategies that will help ease the school's adaptability. Most importantly, parents who spend time with their children on a daily basis can contribute practical and useful ideas to enhance the educational experience. Questionable Autism brings up some of the questionable practices and offers some possible changes and adjustments to the study of autism.

Is Child Autistic or Delayed? Simply stated, everyone can benefit from reading this illuminating and forthright book. We may not immediately cure autism, but this book will lead readers to better recognize and develop sensitivity to it. William (Bill) Davis - Associate Professor & Coordinator of Photography & InterMedia - Visual Art and Autism Workshop Leader - Western Michigan University Frostic School of Art.

Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? walks us through autism from a school psychologist perspective; replacing fear with hope in the hearts of mothers and fathers everywhere. Bravo-Joanne Lara, MA Founder-Autism Movement Therapy.

Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? is a practical guide for parents from an experienced school psychologist. Susan Louise Peterson addresses numerous concerns that parents often express regarding their child’s behavior. For parents sharing similar concerns about their own children, this guidebook provides helpful information. Loren A. Martin, Ph.D. Professor and Director of Research-Department of Graduate Psychology-Azusa Pacific University.

Book Brief

Book Brief


Is My Child Autistic or Delayed?

This book by School Psychologist Susan Louise Peterson is written for parents and professionals to explore autism concerns and developmental delays in children. With more than a thousand assessments of young children with possible developmental delays ands autism concerns, she presents her findings with easy to understand language. Silver Winner (Education)  of 2013  Global Ebook Award, the 2014 eLit Gold Award   (Parenting, Child Care & Family) and 2014 West-Mountain Regional Reader Views Book Award.

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