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Is My Child Autistic or Delayed?
Professionals who address Autism are from a variety of backgrounds and trainings.

Questionable Autism
Explore some of the field issues in need of clarification in the field of Autism.

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Susan Louise Peterson has taken an incredible journey into the public schools and worked in the tough inner city public schools of Las Vegas, Nevada for twenty years as a teacher and later as a school psychologist. Her experiences include teaching and assessing students in at-risk situations from preschool to high school. Working in a large inner city high school of Las Vegas, Susan has seen teens with a variety of issues and personal struggles. Her work has included making thousands of home visits in the inner city housing projects of Las Vegas and conducting hundreds of parent meetings to encourage parents to help their children succeed.

When Susan first started teaching, she had only briefly heard the word 'autism', but this soon changed. Later, her interests lead to becoming a school psychologist at a school diagnostic center working with early childhood students displaying developmental delays and autism concerns. Susan has conducted over a thousand multidisciplinary team assessments for children while working alongside speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school nurses, vision/hearing specialists, special education teachers, regular education teachers and parents. During this process, Susan realized that professionals can have different perspectives and varying opinions about autism and developmental delays. As well, Susan has seen parents struggle with questions of autism and delays from information they received from professionals with varying training experiences. Susan has been honored to receive numerous national awards for improving educational practice including being named to the Practitioners Hall of Fame by NOVA University. Susan enjoys writing in areas of education, child behavior and research with publications of more than ten books. Susan has won numerous writing awards including the 2014 eLit Gold Award in the (Parenting/Child Care & Family) category, the 2014 West Mountain Reader Views Regional Book Award and was the 2013 Global Ebook Silver Winner in the Education category. 


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